Essential Things To Do After Your Asphalt Paving Project Is Finished


Whether your asphalt paving project involves a single residential driveway or a large commercial parking lot, you'll definitely want to preserve the work for as long as possible. A paving job is a big investment, so it's important to take steps that will protect your asphalt surface over a long period of time. In fact, you'll need to use extra caution in the days after the completion of the job to maintain the quality of the asphalt.

21 January 2021

Why Concrete Pavers Are A Superb Choice For Commercial Paving Projects


When it comes to commercial paving projects, many materials can be used for the job. However, some paving materials are more popular than others because they are readily available and can deliver an array of fantastic benefits. Concrete pavers are increasingly being used as a modern alternative to poured concrete in commercial paving applications. Check out some of the top advantages attributed to these paving materials below. Concrete pavers offer more strength than poured concrete.

18 November 2020

Asphalt Services Your Property May Need


Asphalt service providers can be called upon to address a number of different issues for their clients. However, property owners are often unaware of the various services that a professional asphalt service provider will be able to offer, which can make some routine issues seem like they will be a bigger problem to address than they actually are. Alligator Crack Repairs Alligator cracks forming in the asphalt can be a significant problem that property owners should never underestimate.

12 August 2020

Benefits Of Commercial Warehouse Striping


Your warehouse is more than likely the heart of your business and you need to keep it running efficiently while providing a safe work environment for your employees. There are many things you should be doing to keep your warehouse running as it should. Having the proper equipment, having set procedures, offering ongoing training, and making sure you have adequate storage and just a few examples of things that can help your warehouse run smoothly and efficiently.

24 June 2020

Maintenance Tips To Make Your Multi-Unit Rental Property Look As Great As It Is


Your multi-family rental property sees a great deal of traffic and gets a lot of use in addition to wear and tear from weather conditions during all seasons. When all this adds up over time, your rental property's exterior areas begin to look worn to the eyes of your tenants and prospective customers. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your rental property's public areas and improve its appearance for a great customer impression.

30 October 2019

Asphalt Repair Methods That Might Restore Your Cracked And Faded Parking Lot


If your parking lot has cracks in the asphalt and potholes are appearing here and there, it's time to make repairs. A damaged parking lot is not only ugly but it's also a danger to people who use it because of the tripping hazards it poses. Not only that, once the asphalt has cracks and holes, water can seep into the base underneath which accelerates the damage. Here's a look at how asphalt repairs might be done.

10 May 2019

3 Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Driveway This Summer


If you want to increase the curb appeal of your home this summer, start with your driveway this summer. There are various ways that you can increase the curb appeal of your driveway. Start by Repaving Your Driveway The first thing that you should do to increase the curb appeal of your driveway is repave it, or pave it for the first time if you currently have a dirt or gravel driveway.

8 June 2018

Are People Always Complaining About Your Damaged Parking Lot That Lacks Enough Spots? What To Do Now


If you have a business that has poor parking options, it's time to improve the property and customer satisfaction. If the parking lot is short the spaces that are needed, or people have to avoid certain areas because of damages and dips, this could be hurting your business and reputation. There are a few different things that you can look into, but doing the following should be at the top of your list for the very near future.

6 March 2018

Preparation Tips To Help You Get Your Asphalt Ready For Winter


With the cold weather arriving, it is time to begin preparing your yard and home's exterior for winter and the cold and icy weather to follow over the next few months. Winter weather can be harsh on your asphalt pavement in the damage ice and snow can cause to an unprotected pavement. Here are some tips to help you prepare your asphalt for winter. Clean and Prepare the Asphalt To prepare your asphalt for completing repairs, you will need to clean its surface of any vehicle fluids and debris that have collected over the summer and fall.

20 November 2017

Choose Asphalt For Your Paving Project


When you are planning to put in a driveway, you really only have a few choices. You can install a concrete, asphalt, or gravel driveway. Gravel is a good temporary solution, but over time the gravel can become a hassle. Concrete and asphalt are the two best choices that you will have, and each of the options have pro's and con's. This article is going to focus on asphalt and why it is one of the most commonly used materials for paving driveways, parking lots, and even highways.

18 June 2017