Maintenance Tips To Make Your Multi-Unit Rental Property Look As Great As It Is


Your multi-family rental property sees a great deal of traffic and gets a lot of use in addition to wear and tear from weather conditions during all seasons. When all this adds up over time, your rental property's exterior areas begin to look worn to the eyes of your tenants and prospective customers. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your rental property's public areas and improve its appearance for a great customer impression.

Update the Parking Areas

The parking areas in front of your management office and throughout your rental property need to be ready to accommodate guests, vendors, and tenants. In addition to providing accessible and save parking stalls and driveways, it needs to be in good condition to make a great first impression whenever possible. 

A parking lot that is poorly maintained with potholes, large cracks, and fading stall lines and blacktop will lower the appearance and perceived value of your rental business. And it can even turn off great potential renters. 

Take time each spring or fall to patch and fill cracks or other damage to your asphalt pavement. This maintains the surface pavement you have invested in to prevent further deterioration. And it is a good idea to hire an asphalt professional to tackle any serious issues to your pavement, such as a failing foundation. A foundation that has begun to sink from improper drainage needs to be repaired with a full foundation soil replacement. 

This type of repair will require a commercial paving professional to remove the cracking asphalt and its foundation, then install a new foundation layer of gravel or sand to promote moisture drainage. Once this has been replaced, the asphalt professional can reapply new striping and stall lines for your parking areas.

Repair the Common Area Walkways

Walkways within your rental property are important to be in good repair for aesthetics and safety for your guests and tenants. An uneven or sinking concrete walkway section can lead to accidents and injury when an individual has a fall on the concrete. 

Be sure you have any areas of sinking concrete evaluated by your asphalt team to determine what is causing the issue and how best to repair it. You might find that a section of concrete walkway has been heaved upward due to tree roots from an aging tree or because the soil beneath the walkway is expansive and has heaved upward from moisture saturation or freezing conditions in the soil.

These types of concrete issues and damage along with maintaining your asphalt pavement can be kept up on within your property to improve its appearance and your business.


30 October 2019

Improving Your Paving

About a year ago, I realized that there were all kinds of problems with our home's pavement. The driveway seemed to be chipping apart and the front walkway was desperately cracked. I knew that I had to do something to improve things, so I started working on getting bids to improve things. It was amazing to see how many different pavement options we had and how great of a job one contractor eventually did. The difference was astounding after all of the pavement was broken out and things were fixed. This blog is all about improving your paving and making a significant difference in your home.