Asphalt Repair Methods That Might Restore Your Cracked And Faded Parking Lot


If your parking lot has cracks in the asphalt and potholes are appearing here and there, it's time to make repairs. A damaged parking lot is not only ugly but it's also a danger to people who use it because of the tripping hazards it poses. Not only that, once the asphalt has cracks and holes, water can seep into the base underneath which accelerates the damage. Here's a look at how asphalt repairs might be done.

Patching Damage

Small holes and cracks can be patched. Cold patching is often done as a temporary measure to eliminate trip hazards and stop the deterioration of the parking lot, but the lot will probably still need permanent repairs at some point in the future. When damage is patched, the filler is applied to the cracks and holes and then smoothed over. The patch is a darker color, so the repaired area will be visible. While cold patching may be a fix for the damage, it won't improve the appearance of the lot since the cracks are replaced by dark patches on the surface.

Replacing Asphalt

When damage is in an isolated area, then cutting out the old asphalt and pouring in new asphalt may be necessary. This is often done with alligator crumbles since that type of damage usually has to be removed rather than covered over. The old asphalt is sawed out and hauled away. If the base under the driveway is bad also, it can be dug up and repaired at the same time. Then, a new base is put in and compacted. Hot asphalt is poured over the base and compacted so the repaired area is level with the parking lot. If the rest of the lot is in good shape, then this type of asphalt repair might be followed with a sealcoat that evens out the color of your lot.


When your parking lot is old, it's usually just a matter of time until it needs to be resurfaced. This involves pouring hot asphalt over the top of the parking lot to fill in cracks and holes and to provide a new surface for the lot. Resurfacing repairs damage and restores the color of your parking lot. It's like getting a new parking lot without having to tear out the old one.

If you have regular maintenance done on your lot, you can prolong its life, but due to the nature of asphalt, some cracking and deterioration is expected. When that happens, an asphalt paving company like J R Paving Co can make the necessary repairs after evaluating the situation and determining the best way to proceed.


10 May 2019

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