Are People Always Complaining About Your Damaged Parking Lot That Lacks Enough Spots? What To Do Now


If you have a business that has poor parking options, it's time to improve the property and customer satisfaction. If the parking lot is short the spaces that are needed, or people have to avoid certain areas because of damages and dips, this could be hurting your business and reputation. There are a few different things that you can look into, but doing the following should be at the top of your list for the very near future.

Repave the Parking Lot

A thick coat of pavement after all the cracks and potholes have been filled and repaired is necessary. You want to have a thick coat put on so you can have an even surface for everyone to drive on.

Once the parking lot is cooled and smoothed, you want to have all new lines painted. Make sure that you redesign the parking lot to ensure that you get the most amount of parking spots possible.

Designate Parking Spots

You may want to designate parking areas for employees and customers, not just handicapped. Also, signs that tell people from other businesses that aren't your customers should know that if they park in your spots, their car could get towed. You may even want to put larger parking spots for XL SUV's and trucks in the back, so there aren't vehicles taking up more than one spot near the front.

Have Electric Car Plugins

Not only do you want to designate parking to keep the parking spaces efficient, but you also should have some spots for electric cars to plug into. More and more hybrids and electric cars are hitting the road every year, and someone may be showing up at your location depending on being able to plug their car in and get some juice. Talk with an installation professional about the cost to have this completed.

There are a lot of different ways that you can make the parking lot better. You currently may have the spots too big or too long, preventing you from having another row of spots, or fitting another couple dozen vehicles when needed. Take the time and invest the money to fix the parking lot so there aren't any dangers or flaws in the parking lot. Redesigning the parking lot will help traffic flow in and out while people are arriving, and you will be glad you made the move to upgrade and improve.

For more information, contact a local parking lot maintenance specialist.


6 March 2018

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