Deciding What To Use To Pave Your Driveway


When it comes to paving your driveway, you're likely trying to decide between two main materials. You can have it done with asphalt, or you can have it done with concrete. Each of these materials is a great option and they both have a lot of really good qualities. This article is going to focus on asphalt and why it can be a great choice, so read on if you still need help choosing a paving material.


One of the best things about asphalt is that it is flexible. When you are creating the foundation for asphalt to go onto, you do not need to make it perfectly. Asphalt is created using aggregate rocks and bitumen. It is heated up and then laid, but once it is laid it is steamrolled. When the asphalt dries, it is going to be a flexible material that can adjust. So even if the foundation was not perfect the asphalt can swell and flex to fill in the gaps. This is also nice because you know that a little bit of heat and cold will not break down the asphalt that you have in your driveway. The asphalt will be able to take the elements and continue to be very strong. 


Something that needs to be noted is that the maintenance of asphalt is very easy as well. You are going to want to inspect the asphalt a few times a year and look for cracks or chips. These cracks can get worse if you do not do something about them. The great news is that they are very easy to fix. You can buy asphalt sealant at almost any hardware or home improvement store. For each crack that you find, make sure it gets sealed. If you do this regularly, you will find that your asphalt lasts a very long time.


When your asphalt is very old, it may need to be resurfaced. This is a way to simply reapply some of the tar and bitumen over the aggregate. You can only really resurface asphalt. If you were to have used concrete, you would have to pull up the slabs and actually lay new cement. Getting the asphalt resurfaced will give it another 15 to 20 years of life. Continue to look for cracks and seal them up, but none of this should stop you from easily enjoying your asphalt pavement.

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26 April 2017

Improving Your Paving

About a year ago, I realized that there were all kinds of problems with our home's pavement. The driveway seemed to be chipping apart and the front walkway was desperately cracked. I knew that I had to do something to improve things, so I started working on getting bids to improve things. It was amazing to see how many different pavement options we had and how great of a job one contractor eventually did. The difference was astounding after all of the pavement was broken out and things were fixed. This blog is all about improving your paving and making a significant difference in your home.