3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Asphalt Driveway Look Great Again


Asphalt is a cheap and easy install for driveways, making it very popular among homeowners and businesses alike. With proper care, your asphalt driveway should last you for many years. Temperature changes, ample use, and even how the drive was originally installed can all have an impact on how long this area of your property looks beautiful. If you have cracks, dips, stains, or other issues with your asphalt, here are 3 things you can do to make it look great again.


Asphalt can crack in the winter months or shift due to the ground thawing and freezing several times throughout the year. The material is typically poured over a base to help prevent shifting and cracks, but they cannot always be prevented. If your drive looks more like a cracked window than a place to park your car, then consider having the space re-paved. This involves pouring a thin set of new asphalt right over the existing area for a streamlined, more stable look.

Repair edges

If you have areas of your drive that are starting to crumble away or many pieces already missing, it can look messy and unkempt. A simple repair for this is creating a small retaining wall along the edges of your drive. A retaining wall helps support the asphalt where it is exposed on the sides and can create a more modern appeal. This wall can be created with decorative rock, brick pavers, or even steel edging. Before doing a retaining wall make sure to remove all loose debris such as weeds and broken asphalt.

Fix dips

A dip in your drive can quickly turn into a nasty pot hole so it's best to have these areas filled as soon as they are noticed. Dips can be caused by excess moisture or by ground shifting (similar to what causes cracks). They can leave your driveway looking uneven and can cause water to build up in the gaping space. You can fix dips by pouring in fresh asphalt with a tar overlay to create balance. This should always be done by a paving contractor so you can get a streamlined, long-lasting result.

When repairing or updating your asphalt driveway, make sure to stay off the area until it is properly cured and set. Avoid walking on or parking on your new drive until your paving contractor gives you the go-ahead. The longer you allow the asphalt to settle without disturbing it, the better your results can be.

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13 April 2017

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