Three Things To Consider When Having A Parking Area Created In Your Yard For Your Business' Heavy Equipment


When you own a private construction business, there will be many pieces of equipment that you will need to store. If you need to store them at your home, it is important to have a designated place to store them. You may want to consider having an area of your yard paved so that you can easily get the equipment on and off of a trailer as needed, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Trying to get a large piece of machinery on a trailer in mud can be a bit difficult. The guide below walks you through a few tips to use when having a designated parking area created in your yard for heavy equipment.

Consider How Large You Need the Area to Be

You first need to consider what items you want to store on the parking area and how large they are. You will need to have a few feet between each piece of equipment when they are parked so it is important to account for that area, as well when determining how large you want the parking area to be. You want to be sure to measure all of the equipment and add the additional footage to account for space between them when assessing how large the area needs to be.

Consider How Thick the Pavement Needs to Be

Next, you need to determine how thick you want the pavement to be. The thicker it is, the more weight it will be able to hold. You do not want the pavement to be too thin because it can crack and crumble under the immense weight of the equipment. The paving company should be able to let you know how thick the pavement will need to be in order to withstand the massive weight of the equipment.

Consider Painting the Pavement

After the parking area, has been created, consider painting designated parking spaces on the area so that anyone can know where to park each piece of equipment when they are returning it. This ensures that your workers can also be responsible for returning the equipment at the end of the day. This can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Having a designated parking area for your heavy equipment can make storing it much easier. You will be able to gain access to each piece with ease and can rest assured that nothing is going to get stuck in the mud when it rains or snows. Contact a residential paving company for more help.


4 April 2017

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