Site Work: The Explanation For Individuals Building A New Home On Their Own Land


Are you planning on building a new home on land that has not been cleared? If so, you may have been told that you will need to have site work performed. The average person does not fully understand what site work involves. It is worth taking a moment to understand it since it is an important part of building your new home. 

What is site work?

This is the initial phase of constructing your home. The land may look messy while the site work is being performed, but in the end, the process will ensure that your home is positioned on safe and stable ground.


This first phase involves removing the necessary vegetation. For example, you may have purchased several acres of land, but you may only want a portion of the land cleared to construct your new home. All vegetation for the building plot would be removed. The roots of trees are also removed because they can cause future problems even if trees are chopped down.

Soil stabilization

The soil has to be stabilized to ensure that your new home will have a stable foundation. If this step is not done or is performed incorrectly, cracked foundations can occur in the future. It is also possible for homes to cave in due to the unstable soil.

Erosion control

This part of the process gets the construction site ready for your builder and other professionals to start working. If it is not performed, unsafe working conditions can occur. It is a follow-up to the soil stabilization process that further ensures there will not be any major issues with the construction site that could cause your home's structure to collapse which could injure workers. The process also protects against the potential effects of weathering during the construction. For example, heavy rains could cause soil erosion if this part of the process is not completed. 


This process involves removing all of the excess soil. It usually involves moving rocks from the area too. These materials are transferred away from the construction site and are repurposed when possible. 


Proper drainage is necessary to protect your home as it is being built. It will also be important when it is fully constructed. If there is not an effective drainage system in place, site damages such as damage to construction equipment can occur. In the future, you might also have foundation problems if there is not a drainage system in place to drain stormwater away from your property.

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28 March 2017

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