Want To Add A Walking Path In Your Neighborhood? What To Do


In a subdivision with a park or large common area, it's nice to have a walking path. If you and your neighbors have been talking about how you would like to have a path that goes around the common grounds in the neighborhood, or even around the outside of the neighborhood, you'll want to talk with the homeowners association.

Before you move forward with meeting with the homeowners association, you'll want to do a few things so you're ready for the meeting. Talk with others to make sure the majority is in support of the path, and then complete the following.

Compile Benefits of the Path

There are many benefits to having a pathway for people to use throughout the neighborhood, especially if you use a smooth material like asphalt. Make cases for these benefits:

  • Keep kids off the roads
  • Allow walkers, bicyclists and people pushing strollers a smooth path
  • Increase desire to live in neighborhood
  • Improve home values

These are just a few things that the homeowners association should appreciate and understand. You can come up with more ideas for your own list depending on the specifics of your neighborhood.

Get Estimates from Asphalt Contractors

Talk with asphalt contractors such as AAA Paving and Sealing to get a price for the project. Give the asphalt contractors an idea of where the path would go, and how wide you would want it to be. Asphalt is a great material because:

  • It's affordable
  • Sealing and repairing is easy
  • Weathering and seasonal changes affect the material minimally
  • Installation can be done quickly

Once you have a cost to show the homeowners association from at least two different asphalt paving companies, you will be able to estimate how much everyone's fees or costs could go up that year, or over the course of a couple years for the changes.

There may be a slight increase in your fees after the path is completed in case it needs maintained, but the benefits and the use you get out of it will be worth the cost that you pay. These are just a few of the things that you want to try doing if you want to have a path that everyone can use added, and if you want to have the homeowners association approve it and help with the financing. Call a meeting with your neighbors to prepare the notes and presentation for the association, and then plead your case. 


14 March 2017

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