Four Ways To Finish Concrete, From The Basic To The Most Decorative


Concrete finishing services are not just about curing and drying concrete. There are other factors to consider, such as the slickness of the surface of the concrete when wet, and whether or not you feel like falling on it in winter. There is also the decorative touch to consider, especially if the concrete that is poured is part of your property in some way (e.g., driveway, walkway, poolside, etc.). Here are four ways to finish concrete, from the basic to the most decorative.

Trowel Finishing

Trowel finishing is exactly as it sounds. A magnesium hand trowel is used to graze or "float" the surface of the concrete to produce a very smooth surface. Some people like this finish because it is far less rough and scratchy and it tends to look very clean and neat like a prefabricated slab of concrete. Just keep in mind that you do not want trowel finishing on concrete around a pool as it produces an extremely slippery surface, and around a pool that would produce some unpleasant slip and fall injuries.

Broom Finishing

Broom finishing requires a janitorial push broom. The concrete finisher takes the broom and grazes the topi of the still wet concrete in long even strokes, making sure to travel in the same direction all the way down the length of the poured concrete. This is repeated until the whole of the poured project has the tracks of the broom's bristles in it. This is commonly done on driveways, walkways and public sidewalks to make them far less slippery when it rains, snows or when there is a possibility of ice accumulation.

Color Hardener

To harden your concrete and give it a little color, you can ask your concrete finisher to use a color hardener. This product is painted onto the semi-wet concrete and left to dry. As it dries, it speeds up the concrete's drying time, hardens the concrete and adds pigment to the top layer of the concrete. You can pick from about a half-dozen different colors.

Acid Wash

Acid washes are very popular right now. They are used to get very unique marbleizing and coloring effects on concrete. The concrete is dried, and then the acid wash is applied with a roller. The process may be repeated until you get the desired effect before the concrete is sealed and you are left with a very unique concrete floor, driveway, walkway, or patio.


12 March 2017

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