Long Driveways & Children: 4 Benefits Of Asphalt Paving


If you own a home with a long driveway, then you have a lot of options to consider when getting the driveway paved. If you have children, then you know that the driveway area will commonly be used for all types of activities. One of the main options that paving contractors can provide you with is an asphalt driveway. Asphalt materials have several advantages when used in driveways. Learning about the different functions can help you understand your options and select the best choices for your home. Once the asphalt is installed, it can create a great place for children to use and play on throughout the year.

School Bus Stops

If your home has a long driveway, then you have to consider how the children will walk to the bus stop everyday. During colder months, the driveway may be covered in snow and ice. This can create dangerous conditions as a child heads out to the bus. One of the main advantages when choosing an asphalt driveway is the ability to use salts that can melt away ice and snow. Other types of driveway surfaces like concrete and gravel can deteriorate when too much salt is used on the surface. One of the main benefits of asphalt is the ability to handle these salts without wrecking the driveway surface. The smooth surface of asphalt also makes it a lot easier to shovel or plow the driveway. This can help you make a clear path for your children to access the bus stop each and every day.

Everyday Play

When your driveway is paved with asphalt, the end result is a smooth and functional surface that can be used for a variety of activities other than just parking cars. For children, there are a variety of hobbies that can be done in the driveway. Learning to ride a bike or use roller blades can be made a lot easier with a flat and smooth asphalt surface. Children can ride up and down the driveway without any large bumps or pot holes that can cause safety issues. Along with the initial paving, a resurfacing every few years will help keep the driveway smooth and make it easy play other sports like skateboarding and basketball.

Edged Driveways

Along with the flat surface of the driveway, you can hire paving contractors to create permanent edges. These edges are typically in the form of stones that line up on the edge of the driveway. For children, this creates a natural boundary for them to play on. For example, if a child is biking in the driveway, you can prevent them from going on the lawn or into garden areas by blocking off the path with the stone edges. Edged driveways also add a great look to your landscaping and can be done with a variety of different designs and patterns.


Asphalt paving is one of the cheaper costing driveway paving options. For many parents this can come as a relief because children are expensive. You can feel confident that you are getting the best deal on your driving paving needs while still having plenty of money to budget for your children. When getting a good deal on asphalt paving, you can actually use any saved money on providing new driveway activities for your children. This includes chalk, jump ropes, bikes, or something as simple as a basketball. Many paving companies can provide free estimates based on the length and width of your driveway surface area.

Contact a paving company like Bill Mariotti Site Development Co Inc to find out more information on driveways, paving, and the asphalt material. Some companies may even offer recycled asphalt at a lower charge. This can also help reduce your family's carbon footprint.


6 February 2017

Improving Your Paving

About a year ago, I realized that there were all kinds of problems with our home's pavement. The driveway seemed to be chipping apart and the front walkway was desperately cracked. I knew that I had to do something to improve things, so I started working on getting bids to improve things. It was amazing to see how many different pavement options we had and how great of a job one contractor eventually did. The difference was astounding after all of the pavement was broken out and things were fixed. This blog is all about improving your paving and making a significant difference in your home.