Child Always Asking To Go To The Rink To Practice? Build A Skating Rink In Your Backyard!


If you are the parent of a die-hard figure skater or hockey player, chances are that you spend a lot of time at the rink so your child can practice in between their lessons. Instead, they can practice in your backyard! Build an outdoor rink for inline skating by installing an asphalt surface. That way, they can practice at any time. Here's what you need to know to install an outdoor inline skating rink.

Subsurface Drainage 

According to the Asphalt Institute, drainage is considered as the most important element for long-term performance. A good drainage system will help prevent fatigue cracking due to moisture content in the subsurface of the pavement. This is done in two ways: with a subsurface drainage system and by grading.

Your paving contractor will install a drainage system that will meet your needs. This typically consists of gravel and weeping tile to control groundwater. Since your child, and probably their friends, will be skating on the pavement, you'll want to avoid installing a drain in the surface of the pavement.


Grading is done by slightly sloping the top surface downwards away from the center to allow for water runoff. This is important so water doesn't accumulate on the surface, which can cause the asphalt to crack. Obviously, you don't want cracks to form in the surface because they can trip your child when he or she is skating. Fortunately, the slope of the grade should not be significant enough for your child to notice while they are skating. However, they may slightly drift down the slope when they are standing still.


Asphalt is ideal for this type of use because it gives a smooth surface and doesn't require expansion joints like concrete surfaces. Installing an asphalt surface for skating is similar to installing an asphalt driveway. The subsurface will need to be compacted and layers of sand and crushed rock will be installed. These materials will also need to be compacted before a layer of asphalt can be installed.

You'll need to give the asphalt time to cure, which means your child will need to hold off on skating on the surface until your paving contractor recommends. It usually takes 1-3 days for the asphalt to be cured enough for foot traffic, including feet that have inline skates on them. However, this largely depends on the humidity level and the air temperature.


Annual sealcoating will be a good idea to keep the surface smooth for skating. The good news about sealcoating is that it doesn't have to be black. There are colored pavement sealers available. Different brands produce different colors in various ranges, so you'll want to ask your paving contractor about which colors he or she has available to them through their distributors.


You'll need to decide what type of edging you will have for the outdoor skating rink. The edging can be done similar to that of a driveway, but you may want to install a curb around the perimeter of the skating rink if it will be used as a hockey rink. That way, the curbs will stop the pucks from rolling into the yard, which will give your child a more realistic experience to what they have when playing on an indoor rink.

You can use any type of paving stone or brick to create an edging that will be high enough to stop a puck. Another benefit to this is that it will frame the rink nicely. Remember, however, to protect the curb with painters tape or plastic sheeting before applying sealcoating so the skating rink and edging will be neat. To get started on constructing an outdoor skating rink, contact a company like LSC Construction Services, Inc.


27 June 2016

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